Sunday, November 16, 2008

If he would listen

This is a morning
for the spiritual discipline
of watching falling leaves.

Here is why:

Every leaf has its story,
every one began as a bud on the branch
every one grew, soaked in the sun.

Every one, now grown radiant in their dying
--red, yellow, flames upon flames--
descending to the ground

will nourish the earth in their death.
Every leaf is necessary.
Every leaf has its story.

Every leaf gives its life
to nourish the ground beneath
the tree that gave it birth.

We are all too important to be ignored.

I met a man who is
trying to outrun his grief
at life forever altered and love lost.

He is a man of unfinished sentences,
of constant, frantic movement.
He is trying to ignore his own story.

He doesn't have time to listen,
but if he did, I would tell him of
the spiritual discipline
of watching falling leaves.

You are too important to be ignored.


Mike Croghan said...


awaytoafrica said...

Moving piece, Amy. This man of whom you write, do I know him?

Moff said...

Nope. I met him in Philly when we were there for the Pete Rollins conference.

Ken Tennyson said...

Excellent poem, thank you for sharing.