Thursday, December 25, 2008


Love implies loss.
At some point, the object of one's love
will most certainly leave--
even if only in spirit--
and ultimately
will most definitely die.

When You were born
Your mother and father
did not suspect for a second
how You would die
or that You would return to life.

(and I'm sure that Your mother--
had she known--
would never have thought
You would not visit her
when You came back from death.)

Love implies loss.

We wait through Advent
for Christmas: for food,
and reunions, and rituals,
and then it is over.
We drive away, waving
wondering when we will
see each other again.

and 2,000 years ago,
Your disciples sat waiting
and watching the clouds
where they'd seen you last.
Every year we wait with them,
we sing "O Come, O Come"...

and every year Christmas passes
with all of us watching and waving
at the clouds
wondering when we will see You again.

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