Friday, January 9, 2009

Herewith the next three in the "Icelandic lessons" series... with a little more explanation...

This was done on New Year's Eve at a little shin-dig at Asta (Kris' sister's) apartment. The fellow assisting me here is Baldvin, Kris' cousin, and the phrase is a reference to Asta's not-her-boyfriend-but-might-as-well-be. Baldvin, for the information of one and all, is completely freaking hilarious, and probably knows more about American pop culture than I do... early on in the evening he let loose with phrase "Right on!!", complete with attempt at an Afro-fabulous accent (dated, yes, but still hilarious) and that became the evening's catch phrase.

This was shot, by candlelight, at a restaurant/club on the evening after we had all participated in African dance lessons. I had been saying all day that I dance like an arthritic water buffalo, so it seemed like I should know how to say that in Icelandic. This is Asta, Kris' sister, who is helping me out here. I owe my glowing opinion of what Reykjavik has to offer solely to her. The woman truly knows how to love her own life.

At Asta's apartment after dinner, Will (an American guy who is a sculptor in Iceland on a Fulbright), was asking Kris where he could take Icelandic lessons. This seemed like a very functional phrase, so I leapt in and asked Kris how one would say that.

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