Saturday, January 10, 2009

Icelandic lessons #3

Sooo here's the final four Icelandic lessons... with a little explanation this time of the setting and why I picked that phrase, yada yada yada. I've also gone back and put some explanation in the first six vids. Enjoy!

I met Jon and his wife, Melanie, at one of the multiple little shindigs Kris and I went to at her sister Asta's apartment. They are both semi-professional singers, and we'd talked a bit about singing and the sorts of pieces he sings with his current singing group. I'd shared, you know, my singing stories... tales of past glory and what-not... so it seemed appropriate since we'd bonded over this to learn this particular phrase.

Kris' friend Gudrun had just returned that morning from a trip to New York City for New Year's Eve festivities. She expressed considerable shock at how COLD NYC was, which struck me as very funny given the fact that all Americans seem to think that Iceland is... well... Siberia in terms of cold. I figured she'd probably said this phrase a few times while in NYC, so it wouldn't be hard for her to do it now.

I was really surprised at how warm it was in Iceland comparative to the temperatures in Virginia that I'd just left. It was very very humid, rainy, foggy, etc., but not particularly cold. This particular video was shot after we'd hoofed it 10-15 minutes uphill from the center of downtown Reykjavik to a super-cosy coffee shop that we'd reached via a narrow, steep staircase. I was wearing my Foreigner-Expecting-Freezing-Temperatures outfit and so I was a steamy, disgusting mess when we got there.

I immediately took off every article of clothing that I could legally take off, starting my undress at the table we'd selected and continuing as I walked up to the counter to get some tea, shedding my sweater actually at the counter as I was ordering... very American behavior to undress so publicly in such tight quarters, and I got some interesting looks. So I decided to continue to advertise my discomfort by using this particular phrase.

This was taken on the elevator going from the entry hall at the Keflavik airport up to the security screening on the second floor on my last day. We were going to do this on the escalator, which would have been more entertaining, but I had 54,697 pounds of baggage and we were well sick of hauling it all around. Easier just to set it on the floor of the elevator and do it there.

By the way, I AM going back this summer, LORD willing, and highly encourage one and all to consider doing the same. The currency is very favorable to the dollar right now and it is just a fantastic place to visit.

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