Friday, February 27, 2009

Para D

It is amazing how things change.
I know it's not amazing to other people...
to other people the day to day to day
of people walking down the street two by two
is simply mundane --
Other People's Lives.

But on the inside:
...see, the man who came by the apartment today
to fix the sink assumed that you lived here.
Assumed concrete certainty...
he saw two "youngsters". Assumed so much...
and we were feeling feathery lightness
eggshell-fragile, we are shadows
seen out of the corners of our own eyes.
Blink and you miss it.

There is nothing
at all.

I'm sorry I cried when you were leaving
just for a little while.
You know me and my dark imaginings.
You know I hear the minor chord around every corner...
the scrape of the violin strings
the organ's tremolo gradually building
to announce the Horrible Happening
just around the bend.

You know I can't breathe for thinking
that you will go away
and not come back.

It's amazing how things change,
and to love someone is absolutely crazy.
I am both blessed and insane,
lighting candles and praying rosaries
and wishing on falling stars
that this doesn't end.