Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What the hell am I doing heeeere...

So for the next 4 days I'll be in Chicago, attending the Annual Conference of the Association of Writers and Publishers. Which of course begs the question, why? Why, Moff, WHY are you attending a conference tailored at professional writers and students of MFA programs in Creative Writing? People who have at LEAST published articles somewhere? People with YEARS of experience in the craft of writing, who have experienced its ups and downs, who know people and are known by people? Why are you subjecting your ego to this bashing as you, a lowly blogger and ersatz poet, join the ranks of these distinguished folk?

I have two answers:
1) You have to start somewhere.
2) Stav doesn't call me Mofo for nothin'.

I have NO IDEA what's awaiting me in Chicago, other than the cold. I'll be visiting the International Student Office at DePaul University to get an idea of How They Do Things There, and then will be staying with The Jesus People for the entirety of my visit. I'm not kidding. Actually, their website is pretty cool despite the awkward, entirely uncynical name, so I'm looking forward to that bit... and I'm expecting that the contrast between the Christian Community and the Writer's Conference to be mildly painful. However, there is just too much good information and networking (I hope) to be had at the conference, and I'm hoping I come back with some sense of direction for what to do with my writing.

We shall see......

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