Thursday, March 12, 2009

Analyze this!

Ok, so I found about the Gender Analyzer website through Julie Clawson at the Emerging Women blog, and I had to give a few of my fav blogs a whirl to see how folks fared. First off, Gender Analyzer is 65% sure that my blog is written by a woman... in other words, Gender Analyzer is 65% sure that I am a woman. Some days I am far less sure, so that's cool.

It's also 63% sure that the Mike Stavlund (aka The Best Writer I Actually Hang Out With) is a man (correct), 71% sure that P3T3RK3Y5 is a man (correct), and 59% certain that Rabbi Marc Gopin is male (although his blog is "quite gender neutral"). I guess Rabbi Gopin is not obviously "male" because he is a graceful and passionate writer with strong emotions (which he communicates in his writing without shame) and he works tirelessly for the cause of peace in the Middle East. Dunno.

However, it is 53% certain that Mike Croghan is a woman (although his blog is also "quite gender neutral") and 51% certain that Nadia Bolz-Weber is a man.

The greatest certainty that Gender Analyzer had with my little sample was the rock-solid 87% certainty that Peter Rollins is a man. Amen to that.


Mike said...

63%, huh? That pint-sized Pete Rollins had better watch himself next time he comes to DC. I'll kick his scrawny little arse!

Roshi Doshi said...

We guess is written by a woman (51%), however it's quite gender neutral.

So it thinks Nadia is a guy and Roshi Doshi is a gal.



Ken Tennyson said...

Okay, I guess all the family and relationship blogging has undermined my masculinity, as the Tennysonian came back as 55% female.

Anonymous said...

It has me at a 61% liklihood of being a woman.

And I'll just say that I just wish more women really benefiting from how understanding of them that I am!

I have always known I was in touch with my feminine side! And all my online crying and whimpering has now proven it!

I beat all y'all! Take that Mike Croghan, *and* Ken Tennyson!

Anonymous said...

oh shoot! John B. beat me by 1 percentage point!

Ben Masters said...

Gender Analyzer is 67% sure that I am a woman, which kind of thrills me. :-)

Moff said...

So Gender Analyzer is more sure that you're a woman than it is that I'm a woman, Ben. That's pretty awesome lol.