Saturday, March 7, 2009

At the risk of being obnoxious...

I'm relentlessly promoting my friend Daniel's (aka DiEL) music today... twitter, facebook, blog, Google chat status... any online platform I have is going to him today. You should, immediately (no really, right NOW) go to this link and listen to the first song. Really. If you want to hang out and listen to the other 3 songs, so much the better.

The reason for my sudden relentlessness is that DiEL's new CD is coming out next week (you can find out more about that here) and he's doing CD release parties in several east coast cities. I spent a week with him recently, going to open mics around DC, and it was frustrating... I mean, every SINGLE open mic we went to, people literally had their mouths hanging open watching him play, and folks came up to him after every single performance acting like he was some kind of Guitar God. He's a phenomenally gifted musician and it's maddening to see somebody with that much talent and think of all the other dorks that AREN'T that talented but ARE famous.

So check him out. Please. and if you're so inclined, buy one (or more) of his CDs here. You'll be putting money towards a seriously gifted artist, not towards a corporate machine.

(steps down from soapbox)

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