Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A place of wild quiet

My latest post on the Common Table Lenten blog can be found here.

I've stolen the picture to the left from Pete B., who joined us briefly in the outdoor chapel where we worshipped after the service at New Hope this Sunday. If memory serves, Erik was talking about how he'd come to clear out this space in the woods and create this beautiful worship area.

I don't talk much about my love of the outdoors... it normally seems like a part of some distant past... and I guess I forget how being out in the uncultivated wild stills my frantic mind the way nothing else ever has. We used to go hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains most weekends when I was young if the weather was nice, and when I went away to college on Lookout Mountain, GA, I used to head out into the woods by myself at least once a week to get away from things and re-gain my peace.

Something about worshipping God among the things He's made is so pure and so unequalled and so cleansing... I miss it, and I feel sorry for folks who never walk around in the woods, feeling their hearts fill up with His praise.

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