Monday, April 13, 2009

A "chastened epistemology"

Reading through my blogroll today, I came across this paragraph, which made a lot of sense to me. The emphasis on "chastened epistemology" is exactly what draws me to the emergent conversation. When humility isn't present in the conversation, I pretty much tune out, because humility = teachability. How can I believe God's been speaking into this person's life if they aren't humble enough to hear anything?

"Something else that made a big difference was the fact that around the same time all of this happened I had begun to enter the emergent conversation. Not only did this give me a place where I could work through my doubts and anger towards God, but it also gave me an opportunity to hear other sincere followers of Jesus Christ giving voice to a variety of opinions on the issue of same sex relationships. I listened and read what they believed and how they believed one should respond. However, I think the conversation was most helpful in teaching me to embrace a chastened epistemology, and out of that some much needed humility was born in me. It was because of that humility that I was able to go to Nick and confess that I knew there was a possibility my beliefs were wrong. It was that humility that gave me the courage to ask his forgiveness for acting like I had a monopoly on “the truth” and for being so certain I was right and he was wrong. This attitude began to open up a safe space for Nick and I to genuinely connect again, to have real conversations instead of wrestling matches, to share our thought processes and feelings, and to really hear what the other person was saying. It seemed that when we stopped trying to convince one another we were right it became evident to us how much we loved one another…and in the end it was love that stopped all the negative and hurtful things from continuing."

If you'd like to read Liz's whole post, you can find it here.

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Anonymous said...

This is so funny - I was looking for some quotes about practicing a chastened epistemology and when I googled the words I ended up on your blog reading my own words :>) So I thought I'd say hi and wish you a belated Happy New Year...hope it is a good one, filled with blessings and smiles.