Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another brief moment of shameless self-promotion

(... actually, a blog sort of is shameless self-promotion by definition, isn't it? Anyhoo...)

Now presenting (drumroll) SPARK Round 5!!! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the talented and lovely Amy Souza has done it again, bringing together visual artists, writers, and now even MUSICIANS to collaborate and respond to one another's works of art. I had the privilege to collaborate with Jim Doran on this go-round, who wore his musician hat for this collaboration (he is also a visual artist.

Thanks to Amy once again for her hard, hard work on pulling this together. She does all of this by herself and she's not paid. There's a Paypal link on her site... I'm definitely going to drop her a few bucks, and please feel free to do so yourself if you're so inclined.

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