Saturday, October 17, 2009

Christianity 21 - The Video

So I haven't done a post about Christianity 21 (yet), but wanted to take the opportunity to give Don Heatley props for his lovely video of the event. Don's da bomb.


Les said...

Hello. I was looking through my fellow theobloggers and wanted to drop a note to say how encouraged I am by your blog. Thanks

Sivin Kit said...

The video is really well done, and the content in it excellent. Wish I was there.

Nick said...

thanks for sharing this. i wish i could have attended C21, but i had a prior event to attend. i'd like to access more videos from this conference, if possible. know of any?

also, a friend and I really like your blog, and just want to let you know ... and thank you.


Moff said...

Thanks, guys, for visiting the blog and for the lovely comments.

There were two videos produced *at* C21 for two different initiatives, but they weren't OF C21. However, Paul Soupiset did post videos of some of the sketching he did for the C21, which is just flat out amazing.

The best resource for C21 links is That includes links to the Sparkhouse video as well as Paul's vids.

Also, I know Sivin is already a member of Transform, but Les and Nick, you might also find it interesting...

Peace of Christ to all of you, and thanks again for reading!