Monday, January 3, 2011

Returning and Resolving

2010 was a year of Epic Blog Neglect.

I really didn't intend for it to be. I started out the year transitioning between jobs and with a lot of time on my hands, and I fully expected to have time to write. However, the volunteer positions that I took on during this time took up much more mental energy than I expected.

And, of course, I fell in love... which has a way of changing lots of things at once in beautiful ways, and also of removing the incentive to sit around for long hours writing blog posts.

So between a new job, and two volunteer positions which were really part-time jobs, and falling in love, and a new niece who was born almost exactly a year ago, there has been very little mental real estate for reflecting and writing about... Whatever. And for a blog about Whatever, this does put a crimp in things.

However, I found as the year went on that I was becoming Very Angry again. Basically, my taking on commitments that crowded out the little mental corner I need in order to write constituted a betrayal to myself. If you've ever read The Artist's Way, or if you are an artist of any ilk, or if you love God and have trouble finding time to pray, you'll know what I mean. I think God has made me to write... whether anyone ever reads what I say or not is sort of immaterial. Writing is one of my ways of praying... and of praising... and if I'm not writing, something either is or is going to be wrong. Soon.

So this is my resolve for 2011: to come back to this admittedly first-world, navel-gazing, largely passé medium and begin saying what I have to say about Whatever on a regular basis. Because if I don't it is a Very Bad Thing.

It's good to be back.


Mike Stavlund said...

Welcome back! I can't wait to hear about Whatever.

Ben Masters said...

YEAH!! I'm glad to hear that you'll be writing again. I think I probably should, too, since I also feel similarly about not having time to pray. Happy new year!