Friday, February 25, 2011

Love is a Friend Who Pays Attention to the Small

It is Friday night and I am sitting at home eating Thin Mints that I bought from some Girl Scouts at Crystal City Metro on my way home tonight, despite having already ordered some from a co-worker who is selling them. Whatever. They're THIN MINTS.

It is what would seem on the outside to be a sort of Pathetic Single Woman Evening: red wine, Girl Scout Cookies, pajamas. The cats are so bored that they've both fallen asleep elsewhere, not even having sufficient interest in me to ask to be petted or to drag a piece of string over to me.

But here is the strange beauty of the internet age... I am talking to two friends online as I write this, one about 10 minutes away in Arlington, and one many many miles away in Germany. Both of them are also at home, assumedly in their pjs, hanging out online. We are three Outwardly Unspectacular Individuals.

But I know differently about these two. I know their depth, and their commitment to those they love. I know what wonderfully committed friends they are. I know this from experience. When I had a kidney infection, the friend now in Germany came and drove me to the doctor, and then to the hospital... she had to stop her car THREE TIMES ON A MAJOR HIGHWAY to allow me to throw up. She's seen me at the sickest I think I've ever been in my life, and she took care of me. The friend a few minutes away from me has laughed and cried with me through the last year and a half of my life, and is currently suffering alongside me --still laughing and crying-- as we cope with being rejected by men we loved.

I get really tired of people knocking the internet. I get tired of people commenting on the Shallowness Of Our Age. I know differently. I know these two women care enough about me to camp out online and talk to each other about whatever passes through our minds, and also enough to walk with me through the darkest and most difficult parts of my life.

Love is when someone will do both, year after year, simply because.

I am blessed.


Allie said...

The only thing I can possibly say to this, besides a hearty "I love you too," is NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM! Ahhhh. When's dessert?

kate said...

I couldn't agree more, and this might have been your secondary point (or maybe not), but I'll take any way I can get of holding onto the precious friendships I've made in the past. People inevitably move on (physically), and I don't see friends in the same city for years sometimes. Let alone all the farflung friends. Internet, I thank thee. (I'll drink red wine and eat Thin Mints to that!)