Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So, 3 more days of NaPoWriMo after today. For as many nights as I've come home late and thought to myself "DAMN. I've gotta write a poem. About WHAT??," I'm seriously considering continuing to do this after April. There's something about this discipline of making myself create something every day that has some kind of powerful magic to it. I mean, I've stopped writing about being dumped, right? It's not that this has stopped hurting me, but it's like pushing myself to create has forced me to draw on the resources and memories and experiences that I had in the 34 years before I met him... and created a bridge between the me before I was hurt and me now.

It's also led to insomnia as my brain has kicked into high creative gear after 10:30pm on many of these nights and I haven't been able to lure it to sleep... but I think it's been worth it.

So this is a poem about that.


As long as I can hold a pen
I can move on.

When I feel completely alone
and in pain
and sick
and scared
I can feel hope.

When memories of the past
and fear for the future
taunt me,
I can ignore them,
and look ahead.

Because there's always a poem
to be written,
and someone to write it to
and for
and with.

And there's always a song
to be sung
and someone to sing it to
and for
and with.

Because I am made in the image
of my Creator.
There is always creation.
There is always hope.

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