Saturday, April 30, 2011


After a month of writing poems every day, it feels weird to go out with something so short, and arguably, so bad. But tonight, after talking to and praying with a friend whose heart is breaking, this is what I have.

I am going to keep up the poems. Maybe not every day, but as close to that as I can manage. I really don't have words for the folks who've been encouraging me to keep on, except thank you. Thank you for helping me to imagine the road beyond having my heart broken. Thank you for helping me to look up and see the path, stretching out and up and just over that hill in front of me. God bless you guys. Every last one of you.


Oh God, so much pain
and so much difficulty.
All I can say is

Come into this situation.
Throw Your weight around.
Knock over a few tables.
We need You to be

We need the Hound of Heaven
baying at the door.
We need You busting open windows
to save those trapped inside.

We need You imminent,
embodied, fleshy.
We need to look up and see
Your Hand, writing on the wall.

Oh God, SHOW UP.


Liz said...

I thought this was very beautiful.

s_gamma said...

you are the best. thank you.