Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Poem #2 for the evening...

So today I went and gave blood, partially because I was finally in a meeting near the Red Cross Donor Center on E Street, and partially because THEY CALLED ME FIVE TIMES LAST NIGHT. So, note this dear readers... Red Cross launched a national campaign last month. They're very short on supplies around the country. If you can, please consider donating.

Errr, got off track there. Ok, so I was donating blood and they have CNN on the TV across from me, and they start showing footage of Syrian military shooting protesters, which has been going on for over a month now. I'm also sitting there with Kindle for Droid in my lap, reading a chapter in Philip Yancey's The Bible Jesus Read about Job and the problem of evil. And I just feel overwhelmed. Yes, I'm giving up some blood, but that just seemed so insignificant when I looked at this footage.

Of course, the two things are unrelated. It is better for me (and for you) to give blood when we're able than to not give blood, so it's not like it's pathetic that I was doing that when there is So Much Suffering In The World. Also, even if I went home and locked myself in the apartment for a week trying to think of a solution to the situation in Syria, I probably wouldn't have much of an impact. So.

We do what we can within our realm of influence. There's no shame in that. Plus, it includes prayer, which I still believe is no small thing.

So this is a poem about that.


It is better to try,
to drop your small pebble
in the pond, and trust
that the ripples will spread
where they need to
without worrying about whether
they'll reach the shore.

It is better to try,
to light your small candle
in immeasurable darkness,
to guard the flame
so it doesn't blow out,
and to trust that your light
is enough to guide
whomever it's meant to.

It is better to act.
It is better to hope.
It is better to do the next thing
and the next
without worry.

It is better to leave
your fingerprints on the world
than to stand back for fear
that you can't fix it.

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CSoulScribe said...

I LOVE this poem! Your poetry consistently speaks to the issues on my mind.