Saturday, November 12, 2011

the optimist, waiting

So, my friend Richard Russeth wrote and posted a beautiful poem today, which inspired me to try and write a poem, too, since it's been a while. It's not great, but it's what I have today.

the optimist, waiting

Hope sits out here, glittering,
like a hill of ruby quartz
in the middle of a plain of
dry grass, the wind blowing.

The sun strikes it, and it sparkles,
casting light like shooting stars
everywhere, everywhere,
blinding and brilliant.

And then the clouds grumble in,
blocking the light. Rain falls,
tears sliding
the ruby rock.

...but also, washing it clean
of dirt, dead leaves and ashes.
The sun shines again,
and it glitters, brightly.

How long until the rains wear it down?
How long can hope hold out,
sitting alone,
and waiting?

Not forever.
Not forever.
Not forever.

1 comment:

Mike Stavlund said...

"And then the clouds grumble in..." ...that's perfect, Moff.