Sunday, December 18, 2011


This is a poem about being beat half to death by life, and of looking God in the eye and daring Him to heal you. For my best friend.

(This poem came so quickly that I suspect I'm copying at least part of someone else's work. I hope not. If so, I'm sorry.)


Raise me up from ashes, burning...
Dreams that fall from me like stars,
scars that mark where I have tried
and failed, and bathe myself in ashes.

Raise me up from ashes, crying
tears like tiny raindrops, dropping
down to earth and watering
the flowers that will grow around my feet.

Raise me up from ashes, clutching
pain, and teach me how to let it go.
I wear the past like a coat of skins.
I'm tired of blood. Set me free.

Raise me up from ashes, lighting
a fire to fuel me forward, towards
resurrection. Ascending, I will rise
towards You, and reach out my hand.

Raise me up from ashes, singing.
Raise me up from ashes, dancing.
Raise me up from ashes, battle-weary,
scarred, with fire in my eyes.

Raise me up, let me shine,
and I will sing Your praise.

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KDD.Editor said...

I love it Amy. Don't worry about where it came from. I'd just call it "stream of consciousness" (works for me). Just feel the thrill! Keep it flowin' -K