Saturday, March 31, 2012


Well, folks, it's that time again... and by "that time", I mean NaPoWriMo.  I've been going through a very desert-y time creatively speaking, so I've been looking forward to this A LOT.  So here's the First Poem I've Written In A Little While.  NaPoWriMo, so glad you're back.


Cracks in the foundation let in
water, and bugs, and occasionally
a small mouse or two.

But also dandelion seeds, blowing

from the neighbor's yard
that took root, and now
there are five little suns shining.

I woke up this morning rattled

and shaking, and frightened
by my fear.  Why doesn't my
faith shield me from this suffering?

But then I experienced 

your smile as a baptism of light,
your presence as a cool summer shower.

It is my grey and crumbling landscape

that lets me see you,
standing in the middle of it
and shining.