Monday, April 2, 2012

2012 (or why I've stopped listening to the news)

So for NaPoWriMo Day 2, I'm writing a cheery little poem about the end of the world.

2012 (or why I've stopped listening to the news)

I know it's just a number.

Even the living Mayan elders
have said the world's not ending.
And you know, they didn't calculate
for leap year.  So really, we're ok.

But it doesn't help.

Because really, it's a symbol
for our collective agitation
at what we know about ourselves
and really wish we didn't.

We know that we can hurt people
that we've never even met
because we bought a product
that supports those who enslave them.

We know that any leader
can manipulate our minds
and then turn into a person
we would never put in power.

We know the climate's changing.
We know that debt is rising.
We know how poor the poor are.
We know that we are "rich".

We have friends in far-flung places.
We know we're all connected,
but I don't know my neighbors
or live near my best friends.

We know of many leaders
who are devouring their people.
We know of wars that do not end.
We know of hungry people
that we cannot reach to feed.

I'm in no mood for Doomsday,
but it's a place to put the rumblings,
that constant low-grade humming
that keeps me from my sleep.

That sense that something's coming
that this can't go on forever.
There's too much blood crying
from the ground,
and I think that God must hear.

2012's our stand-in
for our collective mea culpa
for all that we have left undone
for all the things we're blind to

for all we cannot change.

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Unknown said...

Love it. Sounds like it could be a song someday?