Friday, April 13, 2012


I decided to sit in the park
as much because there was
no one to go home to
as anything else.

So when the two year old toddled up,
set down his toy train,
sat beside me and said
“Why you sitting here?”

I wanted to say “apparently,
I was waiting for you.”

He pointed to his train,
and said “Is my TRAIN!!”
I said, “It’s a very nice train.”
And so our conversation went.

His Russian Grandmother explained
in self-conscious, broken English
how it troubled her that she
could not understand what he was saying.

So we were for 15 minutes
--in the park, in the sun--
a trio separated by years,
language, cognition… each trying
to make ourselves understood,

brought together briefly
by the kindness of a small child
who saw a stranger sitting alone,
and decided to tell her about his train.

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