Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Tonight, my head is swirling:
Allergies, bruised brain,
thoughts and emotions,
neurons firing like a crazy
carnival sideshow,
lights flashing and out of control.

But unlike most in this city,
I don’t have a car to isolate me.
I may feel crazy and out of control,
but at least I have the train.

The train is a great equalizer,
reminding me that we are all
travelers, and that time beats the crap
out of all of us, and that no matter what,
this too shall pass.

No one wants to be on this platform
at 9:30pm on a Wednesday.
No one likes waiting 15 minutes in the dark.
We all have a long way til we’re home.

There’s a slender young woman with bad purple hair
and a man on his phone who just got off work.
There’s a big guy with a do-rag
bopping his head
to whatever is coming through his headphones.

We are all marking time,
our disparate rhythms unified
by the rocking of the train
on its rails.

The patois of partly heard conversations
lulls me into quiet.
Even with flickering lights
and sparking wheels,
this train brings me calm.

One thing we all long for
is to know that we’re not alone.
And another is to know
that we’ll safely make it home.

God bless you, fellow travelers.

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