Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I have a candle burning
that I bought from a botanica,
a store that sells love potions,
rosaries, and African fertility gods…
your one-stop source for religious supplies.

I bought this candle for a project
and then promptly forgot it.  For two years,
Cristo de los Milagros has languished,
oozing cheap wax in a brown paper bag
beneath a small bookcase.

But I came to a point of saturation…
so many people around me in pain,
so many troubled, and my own small
worries and weaknesses
threatening to overwhelm me.

I needed something to represent
prayers never ceasing,
a presence in my room
pushing against the dark,
reminding me that light wins.

For two days now
Cristo de los Milagros has flickered,
always at the edge of my eyesight,
prompting me to pray, reminding me
of warmth and light.

I can feel myself healing.

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