Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Today was a day of too many words.
I felt them --chatter--
slipping out of my mouth
between loose lips
unchecked by my mind,
barely stopping for breath.

God only knows what all I said.

I move in a world of talkers,
and it scares me
pretty much every day.
Too many words, too much chatter,
so much said that it
can't possibly be meant.

What is passing between people
who aren't fully there?

I can't help but feel that
as connected conversation
adds you to me,
and brings us to us,

that mindless chatter
subtracts us from each other,
leaving us less than
we were on our own,

empty and vacant,
bare-walled rooms without furniture,
echoing the constant cacophony
of our own empty, endless voices.

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