Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Choice #1

It is the small decisions, then, that matter most.

Do I think about the woman
who shoved me out of the way
to get to her train?
Or the woman who looked me
in the eye as she sat down, and smiled broadly,
with warmth, as though greeting a friend?

It is a very important choice.

Do I focus on the people cursing
as they fight each other to get
off the crowded train car?
Or the ones who quietly step
aside and let them by?

Do I direct my attention to the ones
who grab the seats?
Or the ones
who give them up?

Such choices change lives.

Anyone who wants to know God
makes a decision, to honor Him or not,
by what they choose to see in His world.

Do I believe God to be God?

If I marinate my mind
in the milk of human kindness,
I honor my God's image in His created beings.
If I stew in the vinegary juices
of man's inhumanity to man,
I make evil my idol,
and consider God impotent.

Every day I decide to see Him
or to deny Him.
I either have, or have not
seen Christ's image in others.
I either do, or do not, know the man.

It is the small decisions, then, that matter most.

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