Monday, April 15, 2013


I am only one of many
with tears in my eyes, shaken
at the latest horror
brought to us by weapons technology.

A bomb blast at a marathon,
a drone strike on a small town,
a land mine on a roadside,
a child shot in a school.

So many and so various
are our means for killing each other.
So many and so various
are our reasons.

Surely You must grow weary of this.
Surely it must bend Your back,
the weight of what goes on,
the sophistication of our murders.

Really, it is time to say enough.
Oh my God, it is past time to say enough.
Please God, we have truly had enough.
Put an end to it.


Nick Adams said...

You should write more. It's been nearly 6 months since your last post.

I finally got published. Just some trade magazines, but it's a good start.

Nick Adams said...

Have you fallen off the map? Why no new posts in nearly a year?