Friday, April 5, 2013


The below is a picture of a bird of paradise flower.  
I found it here

But really, could God
with His reckless and extravagant imagination
(seriously, have you seen the Bird of Paradise flower?)
have envisioned, created, masterminded
my presence in this cubicle?

I believe in God's sovereignty,
so I accept this as a paradox,
because I cannot see the hand of God
in these 2 1/2 beige, synthetic-weaved fake walls.

And everyday, I submit to having
the wild waves of my own will
poured into and confined in this tiny container,

but I have my ways of escaping.

I believe that God may have had a hand
in the creation of the iPod.
And I know that He was behind the creation
of the 14th century Mass setting
that fills my ears,
and blossoms in my brain,
like the bird of paradise flower
setting me, briefly, free.

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