Monday, April 8, 2013

Triptych: Three Views of Spring

I notice the bird song first
and then the lengthening daylight
and then I notice the cherry tree outside my window,
budding and expectant.

Years like these I am tempted
to ruminate on loss.
The metaphor's overdone,
but spring does bring hope to mind,
and also how hopes have died.

I know that I should remember the good
and accept the loss.
I think of the man on the train this morning,
hunched over and rubbing his eyes
continually, compulsively, unable to stop,
for fifteen minutes.
To keep revisiting an injury
is to make an injury worse.

But it's hard to sift out the good from loss.
Sometimes, spring brings sorrow.

It's my 38th spring
and my nth time observing the cherry blossoms.
Last year they came too early,
and this year, too late for the tourists,
standing 3 deep around the 5 trees
in full bloom at the Tidal Basin,
cameras pointing.

This year winter held on.
Last year winter barely came.
And the year before that?
And the year before that?

There is this to be said
for the amassing of years...
you get a feel for the rhythm of change.
Nothing's really new,
and nothing's really permanent,
and there's really very few things worth fearing...
I think.

She told me to take pictures with my mind,
to imagine the beautiful and happy moments,
to capture and to hold them.

I am slowly building my collection.

Exhibit - Sunday, April 7th, 2013:
- The long, low fields of grass and yellow flowers
- The river, green and blue, rapids running over rocks
- The breeze through the budding trees, rattling last year's dead leaves
- Smiles from strangers
- The lady who gave me directions

Catch them. Hold them.
Let each picture remind me
that there is never a day without blessings,
if I'm looking for them.

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