Monday, April 7, 2014


I owe two poems again today, since I didn't get to write one yesterday.  The first is a choka, because I liked that form a lot when I used it the other day.


The cat and I share
warmth on the couch by the glow
of six candles and
four strands of Christmas lights, my
reward to myself
for another day grey with work,
clouds mere mirrors of
the long day's slog to evening.

Many years ago,
I feared just this; late 30s,
alone in an apartment,
candles and cats and
poems scrawled in a small notebook.
I feared grey hairs,
lines on my forehead, empty
womb, an empty bed,
feared an empty life alone.

I couldn't see this
moment, curled up with the cat,
candlelight caressed,
content with myself, heart full
with love for my friends.

Our fears are only shadows.
The life that we live is light.

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