Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dupont, April 2

Someone, I'm guessing the Guerrilla Gardener,planted daffodils at the Q Street entrance of Dupont Circle Metro.  There are all of these little squares of dirt in this concrete wall, clearly designed to have greenery planted there.  Guerrila Gardener keeps putting them in, and Metro keeps paying someone to go in and rip them out.

DC is a City of Protests, and you get tired of it.  Tonight, riding down the escalator, I saw these bright yellow daffodils protesting against the bureaucratic absurdity of Keeping Official Dirt Officially Dirt, and I felt invigorated.  This is a poem about that.  And yes, it's another tanka.  Lewis Turco's Book of Forms and I have a date for me to pick out another form but it's not tonight.

Dupont, April 2

Such noise: Posters and
stickers, newspaper headlines,
bus advertisements.

Rebel daffodils reach me,
protesting in the concrete.

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