Monday, April 7, 2014


And poem two of two today.  I may be in a rut, but here's another Japanese form, a somonka.  The somonka is in the form of a love poem and a response.  Since I'm setting this up between two non-persons, I'm not taking on their voice (how would a candle flame sound if it spoke?).  And yes, in the spirit of writing from experience, this is the second poem about candles tonight.  Today was a grey, grey day and I am finding delight in the warmth of the candlelight.


The candle's flame lifts
itself up, dances for the
darkness, reaches out
warm arms and seeks to pull it
in, consuming it with light.

Darkness lays painted
in the corners, letting light
reach it, but keeping
a certain distance.  It knows
that flames burn hot, and die quick.

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