Saturday, April 12, 2014

Picture Window

It's been three days since I've posted, so I owe three poems. I always think that I write poems because I can't draw. Here are three that I've hastily written in front of a bar in Adams Morgan... three images like a three paned window.

Picture Window

Adams Morgan Bar
gin and tonic,
little notebook, waiting.

Guy to my left says
"We're going to a FOAM party later,
where everyone gets soaking wet
and FOAMY."

And I think
"Dirty or clean?"


Three little brown girls
breaking off cherry blossoms
giggling and running.

A white man in tube socks
walks by and yells
5 minutes later,
another white man with
a little white baby walks by,

They look at me.
I look at them and smile,
They erupt in gales of giggles,


Too many layers
of guilt
and strain
and serious weariness
had to come off

but the band's beats
and your kind smile
finally peeled them away
and for a few precious moments,
I lost myself to dancing.

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