Monday, April 21, 2014


I'm three days behind, so here's three poems on my favorite topic, Resurrection, written on my balcony by candlelight.  I started out thinking I was doing sedokas but ended up doing pairs of 5-7-5 rather than 5-7-7. I'm sure anyone still reading is scandalized by my break with form. :^)


Hurl yourself again
at love... scarred, fatalistic.
Russian Roulette, right?

Stare down the shadows.
Generate your own light. Try
again and again.

Two thousand years is
a long time, but this morning
I'm only aware

of the hope I feel.
Cynicism is boring,
small-minded nonsense.

I have lost count of
my deaths and resurrections.
So many rebirths.

You are the graceful
Presence hovering over
it all, comforting.

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